Picture Hanging

Picture hanging involves more than just securing a picture to a wall. I can make sure that your picture grouping enhances the look of each picture, so that they work together as one. Also, I can hang even your heaviest pictures solidly. I always use two points of strong connection to ensure that you won’t have to readjust the angle.

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Interior Design

My eye for detail goes beyond just photos and paintings, I know how to make an entire room or home’s interior look beautiful. From the choice of paint and texture on the walls to the furniture and art pieces that accent the room, I can deliver elegant interior design services. We’ll come up with a plan together based on your personal style, and I’ll put it in place after!

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Gallery Wall Art

In a gallery wall, each of your art pieces needs to contribute to the whole. You can have beautiful pieces individually, but if they can’t work together then each one’s beauty will be diminished. With my eye, I'll help you find pieces that are wonderful on their own, but also enhance each other through themes of color and art styles as well. 

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I Also Offer

Drapery  Special Art Planning  Heavy Wall Art/ Decoration Placement/ Hanging